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COLD STORAGE (Dong Thap Province)

COLD STORAGE (Dong Thap Province)

Being one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of rice, livestock feed and catfish in the region, with its blooming success, the company was looking to expand and needed additional cold storage space. While looking for a solution for this new area, they realized that the floor had to meet other specific details besides its ability to handle the freezing temperatures during operation. Because the plant is inspected annually by different countries and agencies for export license purposes, it was extremely important for the floor to be seamless and easy to clean while meeting FDA/HAACP standards. Furthermore, it had to also withstand the daily operation of forklift traffic.

After consulting with Infloor, the company was convinced that Stonhard would be able to provide with a long-term flooring solution that would not need to be repaired every three to five years. This was important because low-cost epoxies had caused floor failures at the storage in the past. Necessary repairs and shutdown periods resulted in lost revenue for the company, prompting their need for a better and more permanent solution.

Our client understood that by investing in a high-performance flooring solution, they would spend less money over time. With Stonclad UR meeting international standards for food manufacturing, the company has the confidence to operate its cold storage facility and export products to the global market.

  • Product: Stonclad UR + Stonkote HT4
  • Area: 3800 m2 new processing area, 1000 m2 renovation

Residential Location: 2/14 Vo Truong Toan St, An Phu W, Dist.2, Hcm, VN.
Pham Van Tu - Managing Director