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Industrial Floor


Seamless Floors that satisfy requirements for most rigourous clean room classifications (Class 10/ ABSL/ BSL / etc) and special properties such as conductive/ dissipative floors, chemical and thermal cycling resistant etc. 

Production, chemical processing/ storage/ packaging areas, laboratories, vivariums, wash down areas, gowning rooms.



Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, low VOC coatings with industry approved cove skirting specially engineered for installations or maintenance of floors and walls for food processing, packaging and storing facilities.

Bakeries, bottling lines, dairies, kitchens, coolers, mixing, meat packing, processing, packing, dining.


manufacturing  MANUFACTURING

Long lasting, impact resistant systems for forklift traffic and heavy machinery are necessary properties required in manufacturing industries.

Production, packaging, storage areas.



No copper tape required for Stonhard’s specially engineered conductive static control or static dissipation flooring.   High chemical resistance, contamination control, durability and aesthetics are common properties designed to suite electronic manufacturing, assembly and other manufacturing plants requiring conductive flooring.

Assembly, data centres, fan decks, clean rooms, waffle slabs, plating lines, inspection labs.



Regardless mild incidental exposures or continuous immersion, the ultra-chemical resistant systems are engineered to withstand the toughest chemical environments. Outdoor thermal cycling resistant configurations available.

Processing, containment, tank farms, bulk storage, drum storage, refineries, clarifiers, trenches, sumps.


transportation-icon-13549759  AUTOMOTIVE / AEROSPACE

High impact, severe corrosion resistant, long lasting floors withstanding strongest force, 24h/7days usage with forklift traffic.

Aircraft hangers, assembly & engine testing facilities, assembly lines, battery rooms, control rooms, hangars, plating lines,loading docks, mechanical rooms, test areas/labs, clean rooms, airports, train stations/platforms, bus terminals, concourse, baggage handling, waiting areas, restrooms.

Residential Location: 2/14 Vo Truong Toan St, An Phu W, Dist.2, Hcm, VN.
Pham Van Tu - Managing Director