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This is the first overseas client of Infloor – a Combodian conglomerate, one of the leading brands in the world. With its worldwide reputation, the company always wants to choose the best products for their projects, especially when it’s a Luxury car dealership and service project.

Although epoxy floors were quite common in Cambodia, the company still doesn’t believe in their durability and longevity. But after we introduce Stonhard to them, they were immediately impressed and convinced by the experience of the nearly 100 year old world leader in manufacturing and installing high performance floor.

The client needed a durable floor that will hold up to the abuse of forklift traffic, heavy machinery and tools, and resist oil, chemical spills; while maintaining a world class appearance and functionality. Stonclad GS, Stonhard’s seamless, epoxy mortar system is the suitable product.

The bright, textured, easy to clean floor has created a safe and functional working environment which now reflects the standards and reputation is known for.

  • Product: Stonclad GS + Stonkote GS4
  • Area: 1600 m2

Residential Location: 2/14 Vo Truong Toan St, An Phu W, Dist.2, Hcm, VN.
Pham Van Tu - Managing Director