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With the motto “quality first”, the company is committed to always providing high quality products. Besides, food hygiene and safety is a top criteria when it launches a new product.

The company always cares about consumers’ health and eco-friendly technology. That’s also a reason why they choose Stonhard for their renovation project.

Our client had problem with its old self-leveling flooring system just after 6 months of operation. And it needed to be renovated. After Infloor introduced Stonhard products, they were convinced that Stonhard would be able to provide a long-term flooring solution as well as meeting food safety standards.

We had the first cooperation with 300 square meters of renovating floor. After a long time of operating Stonhard flooring system, the company was completely satisfied with its quality and Infloor’s construction service as well.

Thus, they continued to cooperate with Infloor for another 1000 square meters of new processing area.

Product: Stonclad UR + Stonkote HT4

Area: 300 m2 renovation, 1000 m2 new processing area

COLD STORAGE (Dong Thap Province)

Being one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of rice, livestock feed and catfish in the region, with its blooming success, the company was looking to expand and needed additional cold storage space. While looking for a solution for this new area, they realized that the floor had to meet other specific details besides its ability to handle the freezing temperatures during operation. Because the plant is inspected annually by different countries and agencies for export license purposes, it was extremely important for the floor to be seamless and easy to clean while meeting FDA/HAACP standards. Furthermore, it had to also withstand the daily operation of forklift traffic.


After consulting with Infloor, the company was convinced that Stonhard would be able to provide with a long-term flooring solution that would not need to be repaired every three to five years. This was important because low-cost epoxies had caused floor failures at the storage in the past. Necessary repairs and shutdown periods resulted in lost revenue for the company, prompting their need for a better and more permanent solution.

Our client understood that by investing in a high-performance flooring solution, they would spend less money over time. With Stonclad UR meeting international standards for food manufacturing, the company has the confidence to operate its cold storage facility and export products to the global market.

Product: Stonclad UR + Stonkote HT4

Area: 3800 m2 new processing area, 1000 m2 renovation

BEVERAGE FACTORY (Thu Duc District – HCMC, Hanoi)

Being one of the most well-known international brands in Vietnam, the company knows the necessity of investing in high-performance and long-term solutions for their production facilities, including flooring system.

In addition, the company is Stonhard’s partner worldwide. So here in Vietnam, we also had the chance to work with them in two projects – Thu Duc and Ha Noi factory. In Ho Chi Minh city, we got 2000 m2 project for production area. In Ha Noi, they initially intended to use acid resistant tiles. However, they finally choose Stonhard because it helps reduce cost, easy to clean, but still ensure chemical resistant ability.

Product: Stonclad UR + Stonkote HT4

Area: 2000 m2 –Thu Duc factory ; 1900 m2 – Ha Noi factory


Being one of the largest manufacturers of fish ball, beef ball and sausage in the Southwest region of Vietnam, the company always strives to provide the best tasting, most nutritious and highest quality foods. Food safety and process consistency are the foundation of their business, including rigorous adherence to production equipment maintenance, coupled with extreme care in handling ingredients, packaging materials, and finished products. With a daily emphasis on quality and food safety, management required a seamless floor that would be easy to clean and did not harbor dirt or bacteria. In addition, since lots of water is used in the manufacture, the company needs a floor that will remain slip resistant, even when wet or oily, to minimize the risk of slip and fall incidents.

After Infloor did the mock – up on site, the client decided to choose Stonhard.

Product:  Stonclad UR + Stonkote HT4 for wet areas and cold storage

                Stonkote HT4 for the rest.

Total area: 5000 m2

NUTS FACTORY (Dong Nai Province)

Being a leading food and agri-business company in the world, operating from seed to shelf in 70 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 23,000 customers worldwide, the company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cocoa beans and products, coffee, cotton and rice.

The company commenced operations in Vietnam in 2000, setting up the first coffee factory in the Daknong Province. Since then, they have established an extensive presence across different parts of Vietnam, including our head office in Ho Chi Minh City and regional offices in the Long An, Dong Nai, Daklak, Lamdong, Gialai and Binh Dinh Provinces, and expanded operations in other South East Asia countries.

Today, it is the largest exporter of cashews, pepper and instant coffee in Vietnam, investing US$100 million in a state-of-the-art instant coffee facility and running seven large factories with 5,000 employees across Central and South Vietnam.

They have established sustainability programmes for black pepper, coffee and cashew. They are excited about our future prospects here as the country has huge potential in agriculture.

The company is committed to responsible growth, ensure profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. So, when they choose the floor system for their factory, that floor has to meet performance and sustainability requirements. And obviously, Stonhard flooring system would be the best option for their production areas.

Product: Stonclad UR + Stonkote HT4

Area: 2000 m2


This is the first overseas client of Infloor – a Combodian conglomerate, one of the leading brands in the world. With its worldwide reputation, the company always wants to choose the best products for their projects, especially when it’s a Luxury car dealership and service project.

Although epoxy floors were quite common in Cambodia, the company still doesn’t believe in their durability and longevity. But after we introduce Stonhard to them, they were immediately impressed and convinced by the experience of the nearly 100 year old world leader in manufacturing and installing high performance floor.

The client needed a durable floor that will hold up to the abuse of forklift traffic, heavy machinery and tools, and resist oil, chemical spills; while maintaining a world class appearance and functionality. Stonclad GS, Stonhard’s seamless, epoxy mortar system is the suitable product.

The bright, textured, easy to clean floor has created a safe and functional working environment which now reflects the standards and reputation is known for.

Product: Stonclad GS + Stonkote GS4

Area: 1600 m2


Pharmaceutical environments are considered the toughest spaces because of the strict regulation. Meeting infection control standards are of the utmost importance in these spaces. Bacteria and other microorganisms can harbor and grow within any opening or damaged area of a flooring system.

Being a global leader in healthcare, the company knows that they have to invest in a high performance and long – term solution. Therefore, Stonhard products were chosen.

Stonhard recommended Stonblend that proven to provide durability, chemical resistance, and impact resistance in pharmaceutical environments.  With Stonblend, the flooring is not only durable and long lasting, but looks attractive with a decorative flake design.

The customer is very pleased with the results of the installation and enjoys the benefits of a product that eliminates costly downtime for repairs and significantly reduces the maintenance expenses.

System: Stonblend

Color: Black Sapphire


Priding themselves on being a state of the art, aseptic food processing company who not only meets, but exceeds regulations for food safety and quality assurance; it’s no surprise the company chose Stonhard for the floors in their new sausage manufacturing factory.

“The floor is the first thing they see, and it sets the tone for the quality of our work and our professionals” – said the project manager, explaining why they invest in a high performance floor system.

Since oil is used in the manufacture of sausage, a top concern was employee safety; the company needed a floor that would remain slip resistant, even when wet or oily, to minimize the risk of slip and fall incidents. The floor would also need to be extremely durable, easy to clean, stain resistant and be able to withstand thermal shock.

Infloor suggested that Stonclad UT, a highly resistant system that was formulated specifically to hold up to the rigors of the food and beverage industry, would be the best option for production areas. The floor would be able to withstand impact, abrasion and temperature extremes, and with the addition of a textured aggregate, would be slip resistant.

The client is extremely happy with the results of their new Stonhard floors and is confident that the floors will continue to live up to their expectations.

Product: Stonclad UT, Stongard

Area: 1500 m2

Residential Location: 2/14 Vo Truong Toan St, An Phu W, Dist.2, Hcm, VN.
Pham Van Tu - Managing Director