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Waterproofing Membrane

Slip, abrasion and crack – resistant systems fill the niche for parking garages and mechanical equipment rooms by providing premiere traffic – bearing membranes and superior positive – side waterproofing moisture protection. Stongard can improve safety in garages. Four superbly designed systems offer reliable defense with many options to meet specific demands.

  • Stongard TM: Durable, elastomeric traffic bearing membrane designed for heavy pedestrian traffic areas in stadium concourses, helipads and pedestrian bridges.
  • Stongard MR: An elastomer – based flooring system designed to protect areas below mechanical rooms, pump and mezzanie floors from water damage.
  • Stongard MD: An elastomer – based, slip – resistant, decorative, positive side waterproofing system created for any indoor space requiring moisture protection with a focus on design.
  • Stongard MX: An elastomer – based, slip – resistant, waterproofing system reinforced with fiberglass where additional performance is needed.

Abrasion Resistant

Chemical Resistant

High-Impact Resistant

High Strength

High Traffic

Wear Resistant


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