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Seamless Epoxy and PU Floor Coating

Serious protection for heavy duty environments. Stonclad provides extraordinary performance under the most demanding conditions. Chemical, abrasion and impact – resistant systems assure durability and longevity. Specialized congfigurations meet the needs of static control and temperature dependent environments. Diversity and performance for the most rigorous industrial applications.

Stonclad Epoxy Floor System

  • Stonclad GS: General service, high performance epoxy mortar system.
  • Stonclad GR: General service epoxy mortar system that utilizes recycled glass and rapidly renewable soy based components.
  • Stonclad HT: Ultra corrosion resistant epoxy mortar system that can withstand thermal shock and thermal cycling.
  • Stonclad XP: Conductive elements in an epoxy mortar system for static control and non-sparking properties.

Stonclad PU Floor System

  • Stonclad G2: General service urethane mortar system utilizing recycled glass and formulated specially for food and beverage industry.
  • Stonclad UT: Troweled polyurethane, textured mortar system designed to withstand thermal shock and thermal cycling.
  • Stonclad UR: Polyurethane mortar system designed for rapid installation for fast-track projects.
  • Stonclad UL: Self-leveling, polyurethane mortar system, designed for dry food processing areas and other quick turn industrial applications.

Chemical and Impact Resistant

Excellent Bonding         

Easy to Maintenance      

Slip Resistant Surface Available        

Ideal for Heavy Manufacturing Environment        

Ideal for Heavy Forklift Traffic

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Pham Van Tu - Managing Director