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Decorative Epoxy Flooring with Quartz and Recycled Glass

Stoncrete EFX is a troweled, epoxy mortar system that has the look and feel of Polished Concrete, but with longer lasting durability and performance. Developed for commercial spaces like school corridors, office spaces and retail stores, it is also well-suited to industrial facility lobbies and corridors. Stoncrete EFX can be used for new flooring or to resurface an existing floor (e.g. damaged polished concrete). Stoncrete EFX’s attractive design is available in five base colors and three unique decorative aggregates. The aggregate choices consist of 100% mirror glass, a blend of recycled amber glass, and domestically-mined quartz. Available in matte, satin or semi gloss finish. Love Polished Concrete? You’ll love this more.

Stoncrete EFX is a four-component, troweled, epoxy mortar system. The system base consists of a pigmented epoxy resin, amine-curing agent, graded aggregates and a larger decorative aggregate to create unique and stylish designs.
Stoncrete EFX can be applied at thickness ranging from 3/16”/4.5mm to 1/4”/6 mm depending on application requirements. Stoncrete EFX cures to an extremely hard, impact-resistant mortar which exhibits excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance and can be used anywhere an epoxy mortar is required.

Stain Resistant

Smooth Finish

Fire Resistant

Easy to Clean

Wear Resistant

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